RWP Description

System Name:
Round-robin Winning Percentage
Retrodictive (Adv/Scr/Ret)
“Explains the Past”
Ranking System
Won/Loss Result (team record)
Final Score (total points)
Margin of Victory (net points)
Prior Season Data (until connected)
Division / Conference Affiliation (for ratings)
Home Field Advantage (for predictions)
Location / Venue (for predictions)
Opponent Team Strength
Calendar / Game Dates


Odds Pairwise Comparision (Logistic MLE)
Ranks teams in the order of their potential Round-robin Winning Percentage. Since most sports leagues have schedules that are unbalanced, involve some inter-league play, or just not enough matches; this system extrapolates season-to-date team results to determine projected finishing percentages in a fully completed head-to-head schedule. Prior to 2010, a full point was awarded to the winning team. However this approach had drawbacks because undefeated and winless teams may initially have strange ratings and satisfactory results cannot be obtained until about ¼ of the way into the season. An equitable solution is to split the game point based on each team’s relative performance for each game.

Ranking and Rating Systems coded by Pat Laffaye.

Special thanks to:
Kenneth Massey for hosting the Ranking Comparison website…
David Wilson for providing system descriptions…
Peter Wolfe for providing game score data…

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